Caltrans – Data Centers

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is an executive department within the State of California. Caltrans manages the state highway system and is actively involved with public transportation.

Under Owen's Master Contract for Statewide Architectural and Engineering Services, Owen provides A&E services for Caltrans owned and operated buildings and supporting systems. Recently, Owen has been assigned two Task Orders.

For six data centers located throughout the State of California (Maryville, Sacramento, Oakland, San Diego, and San Bernardino), with some locations having more than one data center, Owen's mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) division is performing system capacity analyses of the electrical load at each data center to determine electrical usage and demand.

Included in Owen's scope is a comprehensive report identifying the metered data obtained during our systems capacity analysis at each data center, along with preparing cost estimates. Our report will also include a graph that outlines the peak demand based on multiple readings.

For another Task Order, Owen is providing two study concepts to determine the feasibility of adding a vestibule to the Caltrans District 7 Office Building and preparing plans, specification, and estimates (PS&E) for this facility improvement project. Owen's study concepts will include sketches and costs for adding a vestibule to be located outside of the building, approximately ten (10) feet with sliding doors and compatible to the building's existing architecture

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