Henrikson Owen Teaming for Brighter Future in Prop 39 Market

Henrikson Owen, the MEP and Energy division of Owen Group, Inc. is teaming with ENGIE Services U.S., Schneider Electric, and Johnson Controls to continue our growth in the Prop 39 arena.  "Our Prop 39 work is big and getting much bigger!” said Richard Henrikson, PE, LEED AP, and managing partner of Henrikson Owen.  “At Henrikson Owen we pride ourselves on building relationships and partnerships that foster growth for all parties.”  Henrikson Owen has developed a great working relationship with these firms and their clients as well.

Our Prop 39 Success Stories:

Proven Track Record:

Henrikson Owen wrapped up the MEP design phase for nine schools in the Los Angeles Unified School Districts (LAUSD).  The construction of the Prop 39 projects at four of those schools has been mostly completed prior to the start of the 2018-2019 school year.  The modernizations implemented by the design have reduced lighting energy consumption by nearly 67%, while improving luminosity.  These changes will make the environment more comfortable for students and staff, and will significantly reduce energy costs, as well.

ENGIE Services U.S.:

Henrikson Owen has built a strong working relationship with ENGIE Services U.S. (ENGIE).  We began our Prop 39 work with ENGIE in 2016, and have worked successfully together completing 13 campus Prop 39 projects for LAUSD.  We are excited to announce that our professional relationship with ENGIE continues to grow as we have just secured Prop 39 work for three large high schools, three large middle schools, and 11 charter schools in the LAUSD.  These new projects kicked off in August 2018.

Schneider Electric:

Schneider Electric, a leader in the Energy market, has hired Henrikson Owen for two very large Prop 39 HVAC projects for the Conejo Valley Unified School District.  The design and construction for each of these projects have been completed.  Construction proceeded rapidly and was completed before the school year started.  Space comfort has been enhanced and energy savings are being realized.  Partnering on these projects has enabled us to grow our working relationship.  Henrikson Owen has also partnered with Schneider Electric on an HVAC replacement project for Dixon Unified School District and have also started new Prop 39 work together at Santa Ana Unified School District.

On the Horizon with Johnson Controls:

As Henrikson Owen looks to the future, we realize the importance of building business partnerships.  With this vision in mind, Henrikson Owen is now under contract with Johnson Controls, Inc. on being one of their go-to engineering firms for their LAUSD Prop 39 projects.  Through our partnership, we have secured two schools Prop 39 projects for LAUSD.  Henrikson Owen has a proven track record of successfully working with LAUSD.  We are confident that a partnership with Johnson Controls, Inc. will prove as successful.

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