Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) – Master Contract for Engineering Management Services, Chiller Plant Replacement and Upgrade at Metro’s Union Station Gateway Building


Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro), Union Station Gateway (USG) Building Engineering Services Management

In association with Vanir Construction Management and under Owen’s Engineering Management Services contract, Owen is providing engineering design services for the Chiller Plant Replacement and Energy Management System (EMS) Upgrade at Metro’s USG building, as well as supporting architectural design and structural engineering. Owen’s scope involves of phases of engineering design through final construction documents, budding, and construction support.

Chiller Plant Replacement and Upgrade

Metro would like to replace its chillers and upgrade its chiller plant.  We will consider the entire chiller plant for upgrade opportunities.  However, the cooling towers are not part of this effort since they were replaced in 2013.

The Metro USG building CHW system includes four Trane water-cooled chillers (three chillers at 500 tons each and one chiller at 200 tons) for a total capacity of 1,700 tons.  The chillers are located in the 27th floor Chiller Room, along with CHW piping and three primary constant volume CHW pumps.

Energy Management System Replacement and Upgrade

Metro would like to consolidate, replace, and upgrade its energy management system (EMS). There are two independent energy management systems controlling the HVAC systems.  The first EMS is a TAC Niagara R2 and the second EMS is a TAC Niagara G3.  The TAC Niagara R2 is an older EMS and, based on site investigation, there are approximately 1,200 EMS points that control pieces of equipment and systems.  Currently, the TAC Niagara R2 controls the cooling towers, closed-circuit fluid coolers, pumps, chillers, air handling units, and exhaust fans that serve the building core.  The TAC Niagara G3 controls all the VAV boxes and other HVAC systems that serve the tenant improvement portion of the building

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