Los Angeles Unified School District | Structural Engineer of Record (SEOR) | Various Projects

BFL Owen is serving as the Structural Engineer of Record (SEOR) for various projects located throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Under BFL Owen’s Structural Engineering Master Contract with LAUSD, the following tasks have been recently completed or are underway:

  • Leland Elementary School Arcade Repair: Construction administration services and review of construction documents (drawings, specifications, structural calculations, etc.), Assistance during bidding and construction, structural observation, and assistance for DSA close-out and preparation of as-built drawings.
  • James McBride SEC: Provided fire alarm corrective work and anchor testing for the Fire Alarm Control Panel for DSA Certification.
  • Marvin Elementary School: Survey of existing ceiling and attic; verification and documentation of actual existing conditions in the ceiling space and overall ceiling for the cafeteria.
  • Vaughn Next Century Learning Center: Verification and documentation of actual existing conditions int the ceiling space and overall ceiling for this one-story classroom.
  • Van Nuys High School: Structural design for field light poles.
  • Los Angeles Academy Middle School: Structural engineering design for the repair of fire damage at the toilet rooms at the Physical Education building. Additional services included architectural and electrical engineering design.
  • Various School Campuses, Assembly Bill No. 300 (AB 300) Reports: The DGS, through the Division of the State Architect (DSA), developed a seismic safety inventory methodology to evaluate the buildings in a meaningful way without conducting costly field investigations. BFL Owen’s work involves the evaluation of these public school buildings to identify any school requiring seismic retrofits.
  • DSA Close-Out for Multiple School Sites: The process involves performing an on-site investigation of existing structural/seismic conditions, review existing reports, such as geotechnical engineering, review of change orders and Requests for Information (RFI), and performing structural calculations. If deemed necessary, destructive testing is performed and drawings are prepared. Once completed, the information is submitted to DSA for approval.
  • Locke Early Educational Center-Parking Lot and Walkway Light Pole Footing and Base Plate: Performed a site investigation to evaluate the condition of the base plate, weld connections, and the foundation of light poles. Based on the evaluation and prepared as built drawings for each light pole. On these drawings, BFL Owen identified which of the light poles required further investigation and testing. After the tests were reviewed, structural calculations were performed and recommendations were provided to LAUSD.

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