Owen’s Key to Success: Treating Clients Right = Repeat Business

Owen has gained a solid reputation in the industry for delivering quality work on schedule and on budget. Our reputation has earned an 85% repeat business rating. Our repeat business comes from but is not limited too; California’s Department of General Services (DGS), LA METRO, CALTRANS, LAUSD. “We value our clients and take pride in our repeat business,” Craig Newton, CxA, LEED AP BD+C, CEM, PMP, Owen’s Director of Commissioning said. “An example of this is our relationship with the Department of General Services. We (Owen) previously performed commissioning services for DGS School of the Deaf for buildings and after identifying problems with the pool systems, were brought back to perform commissioning services on the aquatic center and pools,” Craig said. In addition, we’ve been retained by DGS to complete the commissioning for Patton State Hospital.

Craig has taken great pride in the commissioning process and helping clients meet their goals for more than 30 years. “The objective of commissioning is to provide documented confirmation that a facility fulfills the functional and performance requirements of the building, owner, occupants, and operators,” Craig said. “To reach this goal, it is necessary for the commissioning process to establish and document the criteria for system function, performance, and maintainability; as well as to verify and document compliance with these criteria throughout design, construction, start-up, and the initial period of operation. For the process to work successfully, it is important that the owner, the commissioning agent, the design team, contractors, and operators work together as a team throughout their involvement with the project.” Owen’s team of engineers works closely with all project principals to maintain project goals and meet project deadlines, making us an engineering firm you want to come back to.

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