Plan Review/Check & Inspection Services

The judicial branch of California, formerly referred to as the Administrative Office of the Court (AOC), is part of California state government, independent from the executive and legislative branches, and includes the Superior and Appellate Courts of California, including the Supreme Court. A part of the judicial branch is the Judicial Council, chaired by the Chief Justice of California and providing staff support to all Appellate and Superior Courts, including responsibility for the planning, design, construction, real estate and asset management of facilities for the court system of California.

The Judicial Council Capital Program office is charged with the review of construction projects under its jurisdiction for Title 24 compliance. The scope of review depends on the scope of the project. The Capital Program's plan review and construction oversight focuses on new construction and facility modification projects for California trial and appellate court facilities.

Owen was recently short listed to provide Plan Review services for court construction projects on a statewide basis. This is a new contract and through the Judicial Council of the Courts. Owen’s scope includes the plan review of all phases of design. Drawings and specifications are verified by Owen professionals for compliance with applicable building codes.

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