The City of Montebello’s Bus Stations Are Getting A New Uplift

When the City of Montebello Transportation Department (Montebello Bus Lines) was seeking an engineering firm to provide Turnkey Asset Management Solutions (AMS), they turned to Owen Group. As part of a collaborative design-build effort among AP Construction, Owen Group, Tolar, and the City of Montebello, Owen Group is preparing design construction documents for renovation of the City of Montebello 163 bus stops including new bus shelters and all related ADA site work.  The scope calls for the ability to manage assets from various sources such as transit facilities, vehicles, tires, parts and supplies, tools, computers, bus stops and permits.  Owen is instrumental in classifying and grouping the City’s inventory of bus stops based on similar site conditions, preparing the necessary ADA compliant designs for transit stops, and identifying different milestone projects based group and on available funding.

Owen’s scope of work included the following:

  • Perform topographic survey of each of the City Bus Stops
  • Verify existing conditions from the topographic survey data
  • Assist in design of new bus shelters with manufacturing
  • Confirm each location’s compliance with ADA code
  • Group the sites based on similar conditions

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