Henrikson Owen is contracted by the County of Orange, OC Public Works (OC Public Works) to provide On-Call Mechanical and Plumbing Engineering Services.

OC Public Works requires supplemental professional mechanical and plumbing engineering services to meet the demands and scheduling for various projects throughout the County of Orange. Henrikson Owen is providing qualified mechanical and plumbing engineers and specialists on an as-needed basis as projects arise.

Henrikson Owen is responsible for leading the design team and coordinating with other design professionals and trades as necessary. Our professional staff members are providing designs, drawings, specifications, cost estimates, and applicable reports for each project assigned to our firm. The typical scope for a project encompasses the following tasks:

• Obtaining information and data by performing a site visit to use in the development of engineering designs.
• Obtaining and reviewing existing shop drawings and other data for reference and use in the design.
• Providing OC Public Works with advice and recommendations to clarify the intent of the drawings and specifications, as well as respond to any questions which may arise during construction.
• Coordinating various elements of the design to assure compatibility of architectural, structural, electrical, and other design features.
• For each Contract Task Order, meeting the submittal dates as provided.

Henrikson Owen’s scope of services includes, but is not limited to, performing evaluations and design of anything that may impact the functions of a building and non-building structures, systems, and equipment relating to heating, cooling, ventilation, machinery, plumbing, and piping systems. Henrikson Owen is also responsible for ensuring that these items meet all applicable Title 24 building standards and codes and are properly installed, reliable, correctly operating, and operating safely.

OC Public Works anticipated task orders to include the rehabilitation of air handlers, replacements of HVAC units, replacement of chillers, rebuilds of spill fans, upgrades to variable frequency drives, replacement of cooling towers, replacement of backflow preventers, and other associated tasks

Currently, Henrikson Owen is providing mechanical and plumbing engineering services for the replacement of the HCA Lab Boiler for a facility located in Santa Ana, CA, which is a 12-year old boiler, undersized when it was initially installed, and not performing near the level of capacity necessary for the facility. We will also provide MEP design drawings in AutoCAD


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