Port of Long Beach Design Review Services

Owen Group is providing electrical, structural, and civil 3rd party design review services of plans, specifications and engineer’s estimates of probable construction cost (PS&E) to the Port of Long Beach. The projects vary from the Pier T Berths T134-138 Shore Power Outlets 16 and 10 Modification Project to the Terminal Island Wye Track Realignment Project. Reviews are being performed for the 30%, 50%, 100%, and final design submittals.

Owen Group is also using the e-PlanSoft cloud based review software. e-PlanSoft is used by the City of Long Beach among others cities and public agencies across the country as their review software. The software is similar to Bluebeam, but more easily allows reviewers to markup, identify, and track changes made from version to version of the PDF design plans with document overlay and side-by-side views.

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