Seismic Risk Evaluation

As a long-term client, Owen’s structural and seismic division, BFL Owen, is providing AB300 Evaluations and Reports to achieve DSA approval and project close out. AB300, required by the Division of the State Architect (DSA) to inventory the seismic safety of concrete tilt-up and other non-wood public school buildings. Those buildings fell into two categories. Category one included buildings that were expected to survive an earthquake largely intact. The second category are buildings that, quoting from DSA's instructions to school districts -- "require detailed seismic evaluation to determine if they can be expected to achieve life-safety performance."

Under BFL Owen’s Master Contract for structural engineering, for Phase I of the AB300, our structural engineers perform detailed evaluations of on a project site, note seismic deficiencies, and prepare a comprehensive report detailing all seismic deficiencies and how to rectify these deficiencies. The second Phase involves the design for seismic upgrades. To date, Owen has completed nearly 15 individual projects, including elementary, middle, and high schools.

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