Structural Engineering


Our structural engineering division has performed new structural design and seismic retrofit design services for a number of public and private clients.

The combination of technical knowledge, experience in all project types, chemistry of the principals, and strong supporting team of engineers has made us one of the most highly respected structural design firms in California.

Providing a comprehensive array of structural engineering services, the experts of our structural division specializes in concrete, masonry, steel, and wood structure types. With cutting-edge materials technology, such as fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) and passive energy dissipaters for seismically active regions like California, we remain at the vanguard of structural engineering expertise.

Supporting our senior licensed structural engineers, is a team of engineers, BIM and CAD designers whose broad range of experience in structural design, design-build, earthquake engineering, and retrofit have brought us to the forefront of sound and cost-effective construction.

We specialize in probabilistic seismic risk analysis to assess the risk faced by property insurers, real estate lenders and municipal bond rating agencies. Advanced methods allow us to go beyond basic structural evaluation to provide economic or life-safety risk evaluation on a site-by-site basis, or on a portfolio-wide basis. We establish priorities for further action, evaluate seismic retrofit alternatives, estimate potential casualties, and assess the expected impacts of earthquakes on critical operations.

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