Technology & Software

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Owen uses a full complement of state-of-the-art technology and software. The following design and review programs help Owen’s team of professionals work precisely and efficiently.

Integrate. Reduce. Protect. Manage.

Founded by couple of principals of Owen Group, e-Plan Software patented products simplifies and streamlines the plan check/review process by eliminating and minimizing associated cost. e-PlanSoft’s products e-PlanCheck™ and e-PlanReview® eliminate paper prints, transportation costs, and car emissions associated with the old paper review system by being entirely web-based. e-PlanCheck™ allows simultaneous, interdepartmental plan checking by multiple public agency departments without dealing with protracted wait times. e-PlanReview® allows private organizations to view the latest plans, add mark-ups, insert and respond to comments, and even compare drawings. Both software products conduct digital overlay, side-by-side comparison features, single-click ready reports, standard comment database, and allow multiple users to review plans simultaneously in real-time. Other e-PlanSoft™ products include e-ShopPlanReview™ , e-AsBuiltPlan™.and e-Assessment. To learn more about e-PlanSoft™ and their e-PlanSoft™ technology, please visit their website at

ADAPT Software
Bijan Aalami, founder of Bijan Florian LTD (BFL Owen), is the Founder of ADAPT software. ADAPT delivers structural engineering software and is the leading provider of post-tensioned and reinforced concrete software. The solutions offered are the widest selection of analysis methods, from Equivalent Frame Method to Finite Element Method, to a broad range of specialized applications including flat plate design, frame structures, SOG, MAT and segmentally constructed bridges. Visit the ADAPT Software website to learn more information about their software and consulting services.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)
The Owen Team applies Autodesk®Revit® for Building Information Modeling (BIM). The Autodesk®Revit® software helps building professionals design, build and maintain higher-quality and more energy efficient buildings. Owen also implements Bentley® Structural Analysis, Design, and Documentation software to allow BIM data for building, plant and civil applications. Bentley® is compatible with Autodesk®Revit® and capable of modifying the design concurrently and thus keeping both models up to date. By providing both software applications the Owen Team is able to reduce chances of human error and duration.