Sweetwater Union High School District | HVAC Replacements & Various Renovations

Henrikson Owen is serving as the Mechanical Designer of Record for the mechanical design and Title 24 services for the HVAC replacement on the roof of the building located at 680 L Street, National City, CA. The project comprises the replacement of seven (7) rooftop gas/electrical packaged units (RTU) with new units. Henrikson Owen served as the Architect and Engineer of Record for the design and Title 24 services for the renovation of Suite G at 670 L Street, Chula Vista, CA, which involves demolition,  new flooring, ceiling tiles, and ceiling grid, lighting, HVAC replacement, and associated framing, piping, ductwork, etc. The scope entails architectural, mechanical/plumbing, electrical, and structural engineering design. Henrikson Owen provided Title 24 services for the plan check for the HVAC rooftop replacement at the District Storage Building.

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